Top Ski Resorts near LA you should Visit

Skiing is probably one of the prominent winter activities near Los Angeles. There are a great number of mountains which offer exceptional skiing slopes and landscapes and the beauty about these skiing places is that most of them are in close proximity to Los Angeles and even those which are a little bit far are not more than 4 hours from the city. The following are some of the top skiing resorts you can visit and enjoy the sport without travelling far away from the glamor of Los Angeles.

Snow Summit Mountain Resort

Due to the fact that a good number of residents own second homes near the Big Bear Lake, skiing has become a favorite sport in this area. The Snow Summit Mountain Resort is an exceptional pushing off point. It consists of multiple runs which are well designed and groomed with natural and manufactured powder.

From the resort, you have an opportunity to see the breathtaking Alpine views. One of the greatest features of this skiing location is that after sunset and during weekends and holidays, you get a chance to fly down the hill.

The Bear Mountain

Nicknamed the People’s Mountain, Bear Mountain is a sister resort to the Snow Summit Mountain Resort. If you have never tried skiing before, Bear is an excellent place to start you off. It has an innovative terrain that comes alive during winter. Geronimo is the longest run at the Bear Mountain measuring one and a half miles. The moment powder hits, veteran skiing professionals head to the Deer and Bow Ganyons for the finest tree skiing and in-bound resort riding. If you like adventure, then this is the resort for you.

Mountain High

This is effectively the closest ski resort to the city of Los Angeles. It is a historic place and skiing was introduced in 1924. Mountain High is a highly regarded outpost that is exciting and user-friendly as well. The staffs here are ready to assist in whatever capacity in case you have a problem. This resort is closely associated with ski masters including Hjalmal Hvam and Alf Engen who at one time took to jumping right here.

In addition to skiing, the Mountain High Resort has a tubing park which is the biggest facility of its nature in Southern Carolina.

Mount Pinos

This resort is famous for cross-country skiing. It is located 75 miles northwest of LA within the Los Padres National Forest. Mount Pinos is also a famous camping site during the warmer months as well as a place of pride for astronomers in summer and fall. This resort is absolutely safe thanks to the Southern California Nordic Ski Patrol that does a tremendous job here.

In addition to the above resorts, there is the Mammoth Mountain which is a world class resort located about 5-hour drive north from LA. The skiing area has about 150 trails all of which are named. This area has been attracting lots of visitors both national and international.